Introducing me …..

Hi there! 

Thanks for stopping by!  I’m still not sure of the structure or the ramblings or whether anyone will visit but what I would like to do is document my worldly travels.  Somewhere to share my experiences, recommend the places I have been too, somewhere to direct my friends to when they embark on their own travels and ask the question ‘What are your top tips?’, maybe even inspire them to go places they wouldn’t normally consider, or simply let them armchair travel with me.  I do plan to go back a few years and talk about the places I have been.  I will endeavour to recommend places to visit, places to stay, maybe a restaurant or bar, however this is not meant to be a solid up to date travel guide.  There are plenty of publications out there who provide that for you.  If you like the sound of some of the places I talk about, if they’re not the obvious historical / ancient relik then I suggest you quickly google search and make sure they still are in existence to avoid disappointment (unless of course it was a recent visit). 

So a quick ‘about me’.  I’m currently 35 and 3/4, live in London, work full time and try and travel as often as possible.  It all started in my teens when I toured Europe with various Orchestras and Concert Bands.  My first flight was the obligatory rights of passage holiday in Teneriffe at 18.  The following year I took a GAP year and flew to Toronto, by myself, $500 dollars in the bank, one nights accommodation booked, no family or friends in the country and no job.  My first taste of solo travelling.  I worked in Toronto and travelled alot of Ontario.  Six months and I was hooked.  At 21 I worked at Camp America in Pennslyvania, just across the New York border.  I made life long friends and after working at the camp I travelled all over America for 6 weeks.  I’m sure there will be a blog at some point about all of this.  After this, life became more settled.  I moved to London, worked, partied and took holidays as and when I could.  Upon turning 30 I took redundancy (which was always going to be inevitable) from the job that I loved and decided to embark on travelling South East Asia and Australasia.  I had planned a 4 month trip ….. 4 months and a one year work visa to Australia and a bit of an extended way home I finally arrived home 16 months later.  Since arriving home in 2010 I have dreamt of long haul backpacking adventures but life does get in the way so now I carry on working full time in London and travel as and when I can.  I have averaged about 9 countries each year.  My travels are varied – some far flung places, European mini breaks including a nice moderate hotel, backpacking across several countries in 10 days, visiting war torn countries which alot of friends consider crazy. 

Now that’s my travel beginnings spoken of I guess it’s time to start telling you more about some of the fabulous, inspiring places I have visited.  I just have to decide where to take you to first……..


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