Walking the Himalayas

An Evening with Levison Wood was held at the Royal Geographical Society last night and I was lucky enough to bag myself a ticket before if sold out…..  Levison was talking about his experiences Walking the Nile and Walking the Himalayas.  If you haven’t seen either of the programmes I thoroughly recommend them and think you can still catch up on Channel 4.  What a wonderful event organised by Stanfords (and a certain Prince Harry was in the audience)!

An hour definitely wasn’t long enough and most certainly left the intrepid explorers in all of us wanting more.  Levison is charismatic, witty, inspiring and seems to be an all round top bloke.  Upon meeting him at the book signing afterwards I was so in awe all I could do was mutter my name and say “photo?”.  By the look on some of the other ladies faces I don’t think I was alone……

Can’t wait to crack on with reading Walking the Himalayas, plan a return trip to Nepal and a first time trip to Bhutan.  Thanks Levison for the renewed motivation!



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  1. Man i always wanted to this. The himalayas are awesome

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