About Me

Currently on a permanent gap year travelling solo across our globe.

It all started when I boarded my first flight at 18, the obligatory rights of passage two week girls holiday to the Canary Islands.  That quickly followed by my GAP year in Canada.  Just me, $500, no job, no family, no friends.  Feels like a lifetime ago!

At 21, I headed off to work at Camp America and traveled for 6 weeks by Amtrak and Greyhound half way around the USA.

At 30, I was made redundant, took the money and headed off on what was supposed to be a 4 month backpacking trip round South East Asia and Australasia.  16 months later I returned home..

It only seemed natural a week after turning 40 I handed in my notice, packed my 38l backpack and headed off around the world… again.  The mission isn’t to tick off all of the countries in the world (as much as that would be nice!) but to go to all the places I had desperately longed to visit but are sometimes too remote, difficult to get to, too far away from home or simply don’t fit the usual two week vacay itinerary.  For want of a phrase, this is me ticking off my current bucket list.


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