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Jordan – Dead Sea, Bethany Beyond The Jordan. Final Day.

Our final day.  My last falafel breakfast. The morning was taken up with having a quick swim in each pool, a wallow in the infinity pool before deciding that I did want to have a quick float in the dead sea.  Both myself and Dad have ‘floated’ in the dead sea on the Israel side.  […]

Jordan – Dead Sea. Day seven.

I was sad to leave this view behind: But never fear it was replaced with this view: Before we could reach the second view of the beautiful infinity pool overlooking the Dead Sea at the Marriott Dead Sea Resort Hotel and Spa we had a loooooooooong drive up the Desert Highway.  When I say long, I […]

Jordan – Wadi Rum Tour then TO AQABA! Day six.

An early start, a quick bite to eat, some more delicious tea (I am hooked on tea in the Middle East, I think it’s something to do with the two tonne of sugar that goes into it which I normally don’t have back home) and it was time to start our 4WD tour.  We sat […]

Jordan – Petra, Little Petra, Wadi Araba, Wadi Rum. Day five.

After an exhausting but rewarding long day in Petra yesterday Dad and I were both in agreement that we would have a little lie in and just ‘pop’ into Petra for a few hours in the morning before Omran picks us up.  Little did we anticipate that there was possibly the most inconsiderate noisy tour group staying […]

Jordan – Petra. Day four.

Like two excited children on Christmas Day both myself and Dad woke up at 5.45am eager to explore Petra. The hotel restaurant ran breakfast (buffet style obvs) from 6.30am – we were the first down and the hotel were just switching on all the lights in the breakfast room!  Whilst we had previously discussed how we […]

Jordan – Mt Nebo, Madaba, Karak, Shobak. Day three.

Day three is our road trip from Amman to Petra via the 5,000 year old King’s Highway.  The main advantage of having a driver is we can make stops along the way and there are plenty to make along the King’s Highway! Our driver today was Nadar and he took us to all of these […]

Jordan – Jerash, Ajlun, Amman. Day Two.

One of my most favourite sounds is the Muslim call to prayer.  There is nothing more magical and exciting to my ears than the sound of all the local mosque muezzin’s seemingly battling it out between each other over the loud speakers calling their faithful worshippers.  5am and I’m woken by the first call of the […]

Jordan – Amman. Day One.

Where better to start than write about my latest adventure!  Not just my latest adventure but my Father’s too!  Not only have we not been on holiday together in ooooh about twenty years but I was in charge of all of the organising, eeek!  Armed with a Lonely Planet guide book and Trip Advisor at […]