Iceland – Reykjavik: Things to do

The central touristy part of Reykjavik is fairly small and easily walkable.


We started our day exploring the city by walking part of the coastal path.  This beautiful structure ‘The Sun Voyager’ is just yards away from our hotel along the path.

The Sun Voyager


This is the next sight along the coastal path, and you can’t really miss it is Reykjavik’s newest building – the concert hall and conference centre.  It’s quite an imposing steel building with lights cascading along the length and bredth of it.

Harpa Concert Hall


This wonderful gem of a flea market is open on the weekend 11am-7pm and situated opposite the Harpa, next to Reykjavik Art Museum.  Lots of second hand clothes, Icelandic jumpers, books, vintage goods and a small food market out the back.


Never fear – if you don’t see the lights, visit the Northern Lights Centre down past the Old Harbour.  We were given free entry tickets from our tour.  It’s worth a visit to learn about the lights and to take a picture of their pictures to pretend you saw them haha.


This wonderful Lutheran church overlooks the whole of Reykjavik.  There’s barely a moment where you won’t be able to see the church, always a good focal point if you get lost!  For 700 ISK you can take the lift to the viewing point just above the clock faces.  Somehow the past two trips we have been on we have managed to be up at the top of a church when the bells start striking on the hour.  Such a shock to the system ha.  The wind was so strong it was quite a challenge to take photos from certain points, it was more the sound of the wind whistling that seemed to make it worse.   Amazing views from the top – this has to be a must do!


Yep, that’s right.  There’s a penis museum in Reykjavik!  Not sure what else to say!  The collection is mainly different whale species.  Both of us felt somewhat quesy afterwards.

We only had one full day to sightsee in Reykjavik but I think we did good, especially considering there are only five hours of daylight and we fitted in a delightful stop for lunch.  Food & drink recommendations to follow!

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