Perfect for the Weekend – Copenhagen

Denmark has a reputation of not being one of the most cheapest places to visit, but when flights are at an all time low there isn’t a better time to head to Copenhagen for the weekend.  Plus combine it with the 20 minute train journey to Malmö, Sweden and you can easily visit two countries in one day!

I’ve experienced the city a couple of times in the rain, snow and with beautiful sunshine. As with any weekend break you just have to get on with it and make the most of bad weather but there are plenty things to keep you busy and warm!

Getting from the airport to the centre of Copenhagen is cheap and easy by train.  Stepping out of the train station and you’re immediately greeted by the view of hundreds of bikes. There are apparently more bikes in Copenhagen than inhabitants….


Just walking (or cycling) round the city and you will marvel at the amazing architecture and art installations at every corner but here are a few of my favourites.

Being a huge fan of Hans Christian Anderson I always try to swing by his statue to say hello and a sing a quick rendition of “There once was an ugly duckling……”.  Located next to the Town Hall and opposite the Tivoli Gardens you can’t miss him (or the tourists, myself included).

The Little Mermaid statue always seems to top the “must see” lists.  She’s much smaller than you imagine!  She’s quite a walk from the centre of Copenhagen (but manageable), but if you don’t make it to see her there’s always the replica in the airport when you head home.

Climb the 400 steps to reach the top of the spire of the Church of our Saviour to see views across the city.  The final 150 steps are on the outside of the spire and they get thinner until you literally just reach the top.  The spire is closed January and February, I presume due to winter weather conditions.

From here it’s just a short walk over to Christiania.

Best to read more here:  If you’re curious, it’s worth a walk through the area.  Probably goes without saying, but photography is banned in the main part of the “freetown”.

Despite being flanked by hundreds of tourists, Nyhaven is still one of my favourite places to stop for beer and watch the world go by or end your day in one of the cosy restaurants. The area is also a launch place for a boat tour of the canals.


I’m still yet to visit the Tivoli Gardens as the opening times are seasonal and I always time my visits at the wrong time of year!  I hear the Carlsberg Brewery is a popular attraction to visit but I’ve only gotten as far as bars serving (rather expensive) Carlsberg.

Finally, don’t leave without trying at least one traditional Danish pastry….  or more – no judgement here!


  1. Nice post and great photos!

  2. I have a trip planned to Copenhagen in June, I’d love to know more about any restaurants you ate in that you’d recommend?

    1. I’m afraid I don’t have any real recommendations. Simply as my first trip was a few years ago and they may not be there any more and subsequent trips I have stayed with friends. I would recommend though if you are there on a Sunday a lot of the cafes do “buffet” style brunch.

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